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"Mon instinct m'a toujours guidé, dans la vie comme dans un role..."

"I always follow my instinct, both in life and in character..."

"My perfectionism constantly pushes me to work harder and to the finest detail in order to give the maximum of depth in the role i interpret..."


One does not become an actor overnight. It is a profession which requires a lot of work, passion, rigour, determination, it's a conviction.


Professional actress with more than 10 years of professional training under her belt.


Coming from the south of France, near Avignon, Iris made her theatrical debut when she was very young as she took part in many different workshops and theatrical courses. While studying Modern Literature she took theatre option to engage in further learning.

In the year 2000, she decided to move to Paris in order to completely devote herself to the acting profession.


Being a perfectionist, Iris continued to shape herself in such courses as "Cours Florent" with professors from Comédie Française, Theatre and Cinema Workshops "Fanny Vallon", but also through intensive trainings (in front of camera, voice training, respiration techniques) with film directors, then minly at Actors Studio directed by Jack Waltzer from 2002 until 2012.

Jack Waltzer, an acclaimed coach and member of the Actors Studio, has worked with such famous actors as Sigourney Weaver, Dustin Hoffman, Marlon Brando...


Jack Waltzer has taught Iris essential keys to take up a role, how to work on it, and give birth to it, by creating an internal and external life of the character, perceived by the authour or scriptwriter. he taughther how to be autonomous in building a role and on a set.

During 10 years of training at the Actors Studio, Iris discovered her vision of acting : being an organic actress who feels and passes on the viewers genuine emotions.



She began her professional career by playing main roles in short films, then in medium-length films and TV series. She played live in sketches on TF1, then also in advertising and institutional films. She interpreted a little role in the movie "Aicha" directed by Yamina Benguigui and broadcast by France 2. She also played in a "Dior" commercial with Jude Law and the director Guy Ritchie, "LCL" commercial with Gad Elmaleh and the director Patrice Leconte. Recently, she has had one of the main roles in a feature length film "Blood Dust" directed by Antonio da Silva.


Being also a professional sports coach, she practices a lot of sports which gives her an extra advantage in interpreting certain roles. Sports also gives her a physical and mental resistance, as well as a combativeness which pushes her to always make progress in life and in her acting profession. Actors need to take care of their bodies as they are their main tool, along with the voice and acting.


having discovered sport at the age of 14 with her practice of Modern Jazz dance, Iris made her first steps on the stage as a dancer. For a few years she used to take part in two shows per year directed by her choreographer in "Théatre Antique from Orange", a magnifiscent stage with 9000 seats.


She is also interested in co-production of films and she was a co-producer of several short films such as "Last Call" directed by Camille Delamarre and chosen by different festivals (Los Angeles, Canada, Brest).




Passionate about art in general, she has a particular sensitivity for dance, jazz, travels, literature, photography and writing. Living in Paris, she is improving her english as she would like to work with foreign directors and play roles in other countries. She loves particularly New York , London and Israël for their high and beautiful energy.



Agencies : Pépites / Di to Di / Céline / Profil / FMA Fashion Models Agency/ Rebecca / Ovation / VIP Models / Smith&Smith / Coccinelle / Sport Models...


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